Voice Mail Services

Stand Alone Voice Mail

With stand-alone voice mail, each client is assigned a DID number, but the caller never interfaces with a live operator. Callers leave voice messages for the client to call and retrieve.

Messages can be stored in our stand alone voice mail system for 30 days or more. Storage time is determined at the time of setup.

Auto Announce

An Auto Announce voice mail system integrates the operators in the call center with the clients' callers. Callers hear a personalized greeting and are then given the option to leave a voice message or revert to an operator by pressing 0, after which they are presented to the answering service as a call on hold.

Many clients take advantage of this service to cut down on the amount of time spent by callers with an operator by giving information such as office hours and instructions for callers on the personalized recording.


Overflow is an extension of the Auto Announce voice mail feature. Callers are reverted to voice mail where they are greeted by a personalized message. Unlike Auto Announce, this greeting usually does not give out additional information, as callers are quickly put into our call center as a call on hold.

This option is ideal for clients who need to have a call answered in 3 rings or less anytime of the day.

Bulletin Board System

A Bulletin Board System (BBS) allows the caller to access different information prior to reverting to an operator. For those clients running a campaign or event, this service allows the caller to receive the maximum amount of information with minimum expense to the client, as time spent within the voice mail system is not billed.