Bill Hussey, Jr.

I wanted to follow up with you and say thanks for your organization doing such a great job for us in answering our phones. I’ve been with ICG for many years and have always been highly satisfied with the quality of the staff interfacing with our patients and physicians. They are all attentive and prompt in triaging callers. They are able to determine the correct action to be taken when patients contact them and help facilitate those emergent patients to connect timely with our physician on call.

When necessary, the staff is always willing to “take over the phones” while we have a staff meeting or need to close the office early. Their level of expertise in dealing with medical terminology and patient issues is the reason we continue to hear positive feedback from our patients and continue to utilize your services for our phone answering needs. Having the capability of researching calls and actually listening to the callers has, in the past, been key in documenting what actually was said and what happened.

Keep up the great job!

Bill Hussey, Jr.
Carondelet Orthopaedic Surgeons, P.A.